Xiaomi and OnePlus mock iPhone 12 and Apple

Xiaomi and OnePlus mock iPhone 12 and Apple

Immediately after the announcement of the iPhone 12, Xiaomi became the first company to troll Apple for its new smartphones. Recall that now the package includes only a smartphone and a cable, which does not support fast charging.

Samsung said yesterday that its Galaxy smartphones continue to ship with a power supply. After that, the Spanish division of Xiaomi and OnePlus continued the bullying.

Good morning fans. Today we dreamed that our smartphones lost the complete charger. Fortunately, it was just a nightmare.


OnePlus has also emphasized that the charger is included in the delivery of its smartphones. What’s more, a Oneplus spokesperson who hosted the OnePlus 8T launch event said the phone will ship with a 65W PSU, although it costs twice as much as the previous adapter.

Apple says it is committed to protecting the environment and that the move will result in less carbon emissions and less resource extraction. The statement is controversial, since many will have to buy headphones and a charger separately.

Xiaomi and OnePlus mock iPhone 12 and Apple

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