Sound Blaster X4 Sound Card Introduced

Sound Blaster X4 Sound Card Introduced

Creative Technology announced the Sound Blaster X4 as an improved successor to the popular Sound Blaster X3 with new features and connectivity.

The device with a USB interface uses Super X-Fi technology, according to the manufacturer’s calculations, which received 23 Best of awards at CES 2019-2020. It is allegedly able to create convincing surround sound and personalize it based on the individual preferences of the user. The card is well suited both for soundtrack of games and movies, and for listening to music.

The card supports Dolby Digital Live encoding. Creartive’s Surround Virtualization technology delivers true 7.1 virtual surround sound.

The Sound Blaster X4 accepts “studio grade headphones” up to 600 ohms. The card supports 24-bit representation and 192 kHz sampling rate. The dynamic range is stated to be 114 dB.

The SmartComms Kit feature set provides a simple, high-quality way to communicate over the network. For example, the VoiceDetect function automatically turns on the microphone only when a voice is detected, without having to resort to the mute button. The two-way noise cancellation function reduces unwanted background noise not only in the microphone signal, but also in the signal coming from the interlocutor. CrystalVoice enhances the intelligibility of the voice when communicating in games. Finally, the Voice Morph function changes the user’s voice, allowing him to stylize it to the image of the game character.

The card is compatible with PC, Mac, PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Its controls have been optimized for ease of use and aesthetics. Separate buttons make it easy to change the sound balance, select a mode, switch between speakers and headphones. The user can also easily adjust the volume balance between the two sound sources. This is useful during conference calls, when listening to music or podcasts, while chatting in the game.

In Russia, the Sound Blaster X4 card should appear in July at a recommended price of 10,990 rubles.

Sound Blaster X4 Sound Card Introduced

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