Segway Ninebot scooter with remote control introduced

Segway Ninebot scooter with remote control introduced

Spin, an American electric scooter rental company, operates in various US cities and provides scooters for rent that can be dropped off at your destination.

In San Francisco, California, where Spin has the largest scooter fleet, the San Francisco Department of Transportation requires operators to respond to improperly parked scooters within two hours, and may fine the operator $ 100 for each scooter. This is done to prevent scooters from parking on the sidewalk, where they obstruct the movement of pedestrians and people with disabilities.

Spin has said it takes this very seriously. The average parking time for her scooters over the past three months is 54 minutes. Spin plans to return them to the base in the future without involving employees. To achieve this goal, Spin announced an alliance with Tortoise to launch a new type of scooter called the Spin S-200.

This remote-controlled scooter will hit cities in North America and Europe in 2021. Developed by Segway Ninebot, it will be part of the Spin Valet platform. These scooters will initially appear in Boise, Idaho.

Spin plans to launch 300 Spin S-200 scooters on the streets this spring with remote control, front and rear cameras and GPS. Operators from Tortoise will be able to safely move the vehicle at a speed of no more than 5 km / h.

These scooters will be equipped with replaceable batteries. The company said that over time, users will be able to call the electric scooter to their destination.

Segway Ninebot scooter with remote control introduced

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