SberBank introduced smart badges for employee control

SberBank introduced smart badges for employee control

SberBank presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum a new development of its subsidiary SberDevices – smart badges SmartBadge.

As their press service describes, SmartBadge is a new hardware and software complex for analyzing employees’ communication with customers. The SberDevices development integrates seamlessly with the speech analytics system of the STC group of companies.

Badges received screens based on electronic ink (E Ink) and a voice recording function with a system of four MEMS microphones. At the same time, their size is standard, and such badges weigh 35 grams. Supports sound recording for up to 16 hours in a row without recharging.

The badges are complemented by a five-badge docking station that can charge gadgets and download recorded data, as well as software for remote device administration, processing recordings and exchanging data with a speech analytics service. The built-in memory of the docking station allows you to store up to 250 hours of recordings from the entire set of badges.

The SmartBadge system allows you to divide the recording of a conversation between a client and an employee into two audio tracks – the speech of the employee and the client, and then analyze them separately.

As planned, SmartBadge will improve the quality of service, train employees, resolve disputes, analyze customer requests, increase sales, customer loyalty and the effectiveness of marketing activities.

SberBank introduced smart badges for employee control

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