Realme GT test result removed from AnTuTu

Realme GT test result removed from AnTuTu

Update: Realme has already responded to these allegations in an official statement.

The developers of the popular test application AnTuTu published an official statement, in which the creators of the new flagship smartphone Realme GT were called scammers, and removed the test results of the device from their database.

AnTuTu clarifies that the Realme GT tested allegedly scored more than 750,000 points, which is a good indicator for a smartphone built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC. However, when the company conducted its own analysis, it found that Realme achieved this result through deception. Details are not specified, but it is likely that we are talking about overclocking a single-chip system when benchmarks are detected.

As a result, AnTuTu said that the Realme GT test results were removed for at least three months. After this time, the smartphone will be able to return to the AnTuTu database if Realme takes constructive steps against such a practice. If the developers do not respond, the device will be permanently removed from the platform.

Earlier, the vice president of Realme and the head of the Chinese office of the company Xu Qi (Xu Qi) published a screenshot of the test results of the Realme GT smartphone. In AnTuTu, the phone scored 770,000 points, making it one of the fastest Snapdragon 888 phones.

The cheapest flagship on the Snapdragon 888 went on sale on March 10 this year.

Realme GT test result removed from AnTuTu

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