Ram pickup will go electric too

Ram pickup will go electric too

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), while lagging behind other automakers in terms of electrification, has announced plans to launch an electric Ram pickup.

Many automakers have already unveiled similar plans. In Tesla’s case, it’s the futuristic Cybertruck, with Rivian going for the R1T, Ford for the F-150 Electric, Lordstown for the Endurance, and GMC for the recently unveiled Hummer EV.

When asked earlier this year, the FCA chief executive was interested in joining the electric pickup race, he did not show much interest, although the Ram-branded pickups are an important part of FCA’s business.

However, when the question of pickups came up again at a recent Q3 press conference, FCA CEO Mike Manley finally confirmed that the company was announcing an electric Ram pickup:

“I do see that there will be an electrified Ram pickup on the market and I ask you to just stay connected for a while and we will tell you exactly when that will be.”

The CEO did not go into details, confining himself to the announcement of an electric Ram pickup “soon.”

Ram pickup will go electric too

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