New photos of Mars in high resolution

New photos of Mars in high resolution

The China National Space Administration has released three high-resolution photos of Mars, which were posted by the Chinese TV channel CGTN on their Twitter page.

These images of the Red Planet were taken by the Chinese interplanetary station Tianwen 1, which was launched on 23 July 2020 using the heavy launch vehicle Changzheng 5. Tianwen 1 reached Mars orbit on February 10, 2021.

The Chinese interplanetary station “Tianwen-1” consists of an orbiter and a descent module with a rover, which is planned to land on the planet’s surface in May-June this year.

Scientists are going to study the atmosphere, relief, geological characteristics, features of the magnetic field of Mars and other parameters in order to answer the question: can the planet become suitable for human life.

Last week, the Perseverance rover sent the first high-resolution panorama of the Red Planet back to Earth using the Mastcam-Z instrument.

Meanwhile, Russia is preparing three missions to Venus.

New photos of Mars in high resolution

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