It all fits: Microsoft hints at Windows 11

It all fits: Microsoft hints at Windows 11

A couple of days ago, Microsoft invited journalists to a presentation on Windows “next generation” and began to stir up public interest in the upcoming presentation.

The invitations and teaser video on social networks turned out to be not so simple – the enthusiasts who studied them “under the microscope” found “hints” of the name of the new OS. According to their theory, all the “evidence” indicates that we are not just waiting for another update to Windows 10 – instead, Microsoft decided to emphasize the transition to the next level and release Windows 11.

Among such “evidence” is a reflection on the video from the logo-window – it is made without a transverse line, and looks like the number “11”. As a hint, they even consider the start time of the presentation – 11 am local North American Eastern time (18:00 Moscow time). This is an unusual time for traditional Windows and Surface events.

In addition, Microsoft itself and various top managers in recent days, in the context of the upcoming announcement, only mention the “new version”, or “new generation”, or “next generation” of Windows, without mentioning the version number, which is fundamentally different from their long-term manner of telling about Windows 10.

Network informants also note that Microsoft will not be trifling and will present Windows 11 at its presentation on June 24. For example, authoritative source Evan Blass, also known as @evleaks, is leaning towards this theory.

Note that Microsoft has stopped renaming Windows and has been releasing Windows 10 updates twice a year since 2015. A major design and interface update for the operating system is expected this fall.

A week earlier, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella mentioned at Build 2021 about the upcoming announcement of the “next generation Windows” he is currently testing. The top manager noted that this will be one of the most significant Windows updates in the last decade.

It all fits: Microsoft hints at Windows 11

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