Beware: Samsung Galaxy S21 update hits battery

Beware: Samsung Galaxy S21 update hits battery

Samsung Electronics released a software update for the flagship Galaxy S21 series last week that includes the February Android security update. As it turned out, the update brought not only improved security, but also a deterioration in energy efficiency.

This Galaxy S21 is fine

A fair number of Galaxy S21 owners are complaining on social news site Reddit and some other forums about the same problem – too fast battery drain.

All complaints come from the owners of international versions of flagships based on the proprietary Exynos single-chip system, but this is a software problem, not a hardware one.

According to some reviews, the reason for the “drain” of the battery may be a problem with the cellular connection – users note that the battery consumption is normalized in the “airplane” mode. Rollback to factory settings does not solve the problem. On average, smartphones lose their charge by 6-7% per hour, and this can be avoided by switching to flight mode or by using only Wi-Fi instead of cellular communication.

The Galaxy S21 and especially the Galaxy S21 + complain the most, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra is much less common.

According to, a Samsung representative confirmed that the company is aware of the fast discharge issue and is working to fix it in a software update.

Beware: Samsung Galaxy S21 update hits battery

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