Apple is testing iPhone with subscreen Touch ID

Apple is testing iPhone with subscreen Touch ID

Apple fans have long been waiting for the company to get rid of the branded “bangs” in the iPhone and start using Touch ID under-screen fingerprint scanners, as in many flagship Android smartphones. It seems that hopes are soon destined to come true, but not completely, but partially.

Unofficial render of iPhone 12 without bangs

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, two former Apple employees at once confirmed that the subscreen Touch ID is already being tested and may be present in the next generation of iPhone along with the existing Face ID facial recognition system.

Yes, that’s right – Apple will combine biometric authentication methods and will not give up the “bangs” with Face ID yet, despite the return of Touch ID in a new format.

One former Apple employee explained that the plan is to use optical scanners, not ultrasonic ones, because they are more reliable. He stressed that Apple is not going to implement an optical scanner in a commercial device until it is convinced that it is as reliable as the current version of Touch ID.

Touch ID is currently used in iPhone SE smartphones, iPad tablets and MacBook laptops. Last year, Apple moved the scanner from the traditional home button to the power button on the side of the iPad Air 4.

Apple is testing iPhone with subscreen Touch ID

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