AMD’s first dual GPU 3D card may come out this year

AMD’s first dual GPU 3D card may come out this year

AMD is known to split its graphics architectures into RDNA for consumer products and CDNA for data center-centric accelerators.

The AMD Instinct MI100 3D card on the CDNA architecture is currently on the market, but AMD recently mentioned CDNA2 outside of the original roadmap for the first time.

Lisa Su said bluntly that the new architecture will see the light of day this year.

Last year we talked about our first generation CDNA architecture. This year, as I said, we are putting together our next generation CDNA architecture. In fact, it is a key component that has enabled us to win the largest supercomputer applications in the United States through the Frontier Oak Ridge National Labs project, the Lawrence Livermore National Labs project with El Capitan and many others. But it’s a consistent connection between CPUs and GPUs that allows us to fully optimize solutions for high performance computing, as well as for AI and machine learning applications. And we will launch the next generation of this architecture later this year.

According to rumors and leaks, the Aldebaran GPU will be based on the CDNA2 architecture, which could be AMD’s first multi-chip GPU and the first on the market in general.

We’ve already seen hints that Aldebaran will include two dies in a single GPU, and then AMD may well bring the same formations into consumer Radeon adapters.

AMD’s first dual GPU 3D card may come out this year

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